Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Berries are Ripe!! Yummmm!

There's nothing like Summer for fresh picked fruit, especially berries!  Fresh strawberries on vanilla ice cream, fresh blackberry cobbler, fresh raspberry jam. Is there anything any better?  Here are some fabulous "berry" finds from Etsy to celebrate the deliciousness of summer berries!

An incredibly buttery crust surrounds this scrumptious Strawberry Rhubarb Pie in a Jar. Served in an 8 ounce mason jar, they make great gifts to loved ones far away, and fun surprises for desserts for parties or just tasty treats for yourself. Purchase directly from LetThemEatPie on Etsy!

There's no prettier berry than a blackberry. They grow wild in Washington state. Go for a walk, have some blackberries along the way, right? Or, if you don't live in Washington, you can buy this fabulous photo print to hang on your kitchen wall! Purchase directly from BigBeanPhotos on Etsy!

Feeling Fruity? Need a pick-me-up? Well, these little gems will be sure to make your day! Go Ahead & Indulge!  Dark Belgian Chocolate is tempered and raspberry ganache and flavoring is mixed in. The chocolate/raspberry mixture is then dropped by spoonfuls onto a large tray and chilled. Purchase directly from Nikid on Etsy!

Kitchen strainer and saucer for serving up berries. Colander that looks great and functions beautifully! A berry bowl that you can be proud of. Purchase directly from VesselsAnWares on Etsy!

What an adorable hat for your baby's first photos! This sweet little red summer "strawberry" hat come with a little vine and white flower on top. It is custom hand knit for you in the size of your choice. Purchase directly from KnitzyBlonde on Etsy!

Down home goodness in this 8 oz. jar of handcrafted old fashioned strawberry jam. Great for breakfast, added to a cake as a filling or top off a cheesecake. Lots of strawberries live in this jar and await your tasting pleasure. Purchase directly from JouJouxDeSaige on Etsy!

Have a berry fabulous Summer!