Saturday, July 16, 2011

Introducing: The Knitzy Kit, from KnitzyBlonde

Hey there fellow Knitters! Anyone who knits will frequently throw a knitting project in your purse on the way out the door. It gives you something to do when stuck at the Dr.'s office, waiting for a child to get out of school, etc. But who takes the time to remember, scissors (for cutting ends), crochet hook (for dropped stitches), needles (for weaving in ends), tape measure, stitch markers, etc.?? It's such a hassle to remember all that stuff.

Not any more!  :o)

I've created the "Knitzy Kit", which starts with one of my handmade zipper pouches, in a cute, small size (3.5" x 5"), in a pretty cotton batik fabric (the 2 different kits shown here are, Raspberry Pink, & Teal Turquoise ). The pouch is lined with a contrasting cotton batik and interfaced to make it sturdy and durable, and has a little tab strap.

Your Knitzy Kit comes with the following knitting tools packed inside:

Puppy Snips ( the cutest tiny little scissors you've ever seen!)
60" Pink Tape Measure
A 4" Boyd Stitch Holder
A 3" mini double crochet hook (for dropped stitches - which comes with a split ring key ring & chain)
3 Tapestry Needles (size 18, size 20 & size 24 - 1 each) pinned to a matching fabric square
5 Stitch holders (handmade by me in antique brass, with matching beads - will fit up to a size 10.5 knitting needle)
This is the perfect little gift (or stocking stuffer for you early Christmas shoppers) for any person who knits or crochets, or even for yourself! Just throw your Knitzy Kit pouch in your purse along with your knitting or crocheting and you'll have all you need to fix any knitting or crochet repair.

These can be made up in any colors you like. If you don't see the colors you want in my shop, just contact me via my Etsy Shop, KnitzyBlonde, and I'll be happy to make up a Knitzy Kit in the colors you want!

Happy Knitting!


Adorn Me Jewelry said...

Ingeniuos, Sandie! and cute, too!

Heather Leavers said...

These are very cute Sandie - I once had to sit in a hospital waiting room for hours and hours with my knitting. I knit in the round, I thought I'd got 4 dpns...but no, one of them was a crochet hook! And I'm ALWAYS forgetting my scissors. One question though - top photo - what's the item on the chain next to (and matching) the tiny scissors? I've been staring and staring!

bilal said...

the perfect little gift