Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite Finds on Etsy!

Every once in a while I just find something new on Etsy that excites me to no end!  This is one of those finds.  And these are really fairly simple craft items, that several different Etsy sellers are making.  But I find them just cheerful and fun and something I must have in my home and/or garden.  These first lights come from UsedAndAbused.  The lights are of the Solar variety and are decoupaged inside with colorful papers and laces.  You set this fabulous jars out in your garden where they collect the sun's rays, and when nightfalls, you have a colorful display of glowing lights!

This next set of lovely jars are more for indoors (but could also be used on your patio or porch) and are electric.  This beautiful chandelier comes from BootsNGus (also on Etsy). How pretty would this be on my patio hanging over my glass table.  Perfect for summer dining!

And, I've got plenty of old Ball jars around from jams and jellies.  But the decision is whether to make these myself - or just buy the fabulously already made up lights from these creative Etsy sellers.  Decisions, decisions.  ;o)

Whether I buy them or make them - I'm sure they will make a beautiful addition to my summer entertaining at home!

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Beth M said...

These are great finds! I love the outdoor ones. Off to check them out! :)