Saturday, July 16, 2011

Introducing: The Knitzy Kit, from KnitzyBlonde

Hey there fellow Knitters! Anyone who knits will frequently throw a knitting project in your purse on the way out the door. It gives you something to do when stuck at the Dr.'s office, waiting for a child to get out of school, etc. But who takes the time to remember, scissors (for cutting ends), crochet hook (for dropped stitches), needles (for weaving in ends), tape measure, stitch markers, etc.?? It's such a hassle to remember all that stuff.

Not any more!  :o)

I've created the "Knitzy Kit", which starts with one of my handmade zipper pouches, in a cute, small size (3.5" x 5"), in a pretty cotton batik fabric (the 2 different kits shown here are, Raspberry Pink, & Teal Turquoise ). The pouch is lined with a contrasting cotton batik and interfaced to make it sturdy and durable, and has a little tab strap.

Your Knitzy Kit comes with the following knitting tools packed inside:

Puppy Snips ( the cutest tiny little scissors you've ever seen!)
60" Pink Tape Measure
A 4" Boyd Stitch Holder
A 3" mini double crochet hook (for dropped stitches - which comes with a split ring key ring & chain)
3 Tapestry Needles (size 18, size 20 & size 24 - 1 each) pinned to a matching fabric square
5 Stitch holders (handmade by me in antique brass, with matching beads - will fit up to a size 10.5 knitting needle)
This is the perfect little gift (or stocking stuffer for you early Christmas shoppers) for any person who knits or crochets, or even for yourself! Just throw your Knitzy Kit pouch in your purse along with your knitting or crocheting and you'll have all you need to fix any knitting or crochet repair.

These can be made up in any colors you like. If you don't see the colors you want in my shop, just contact me via my Etsy Shop, KnitzyBlonde, and I'll be happy to make up a Knitzy Kit in the colors you want!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How's Your Summer??

Summer is such a fun time.  The kids are out of school, we take our yearly vacations, there are family reunions, camping and hiking and trips to the park or the beach.  Picnics, baseball games, block parties and Farmer's Markets, surf camps, theme parks, gardening, and visit's with Grandparents.

So what's your family doing this Summer?  Here is some fabulous fine art and photo art from creative Etsy sellers that depict our Summer fun times!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Joy of Bicycling!!

When gasoline hit $4 a gallon, my sweet hubby decided it was time to start bicycling to work, and I can't begin to tell you how much money it's saved us!  Fortunately my Husband is in great shape, and has really enjoyed the 1 mile ride to from Trader Joe's every day.  Since I've been in a bicycling frame of mine lately I thought I would bring you some wonderful cycling related Etsy finds!

I think I have to get Guy one of these wood baskets!  Isn't it fabulous?  It would be great for all the little Trader Joe's goodies that he brings home every night.  Laurie, the maker of these, says that her sturdy teak baskets are "Handmade from wood in my Dad's Garage!" "Built from kiln dried sustainable teak to maintain the baskets shape in different weather environments. Teak is a wood that will hold its finish, shape and appearance. They run 15.75 inches long by 10 inches wide and 8.5 inches high. They will fasten to most standard rear racks with a screw driver or pliers. Hardware is included." Can't beat that!! $69 (US), and you can purchase from Laurie's Etsy shop, ABasketfull.

Another delightful way to carry things while bicycling is this "Vintage Inspired Bicycle Bag" from Snootsie. This bag is also available in a British Tan, Black and Dark Blue, and sells for $102 (US).

And one of my personal favorites, (because I am addicted to handbags), is this most delightful hand bag from IkaBags on Etsy.  This bag is call La Pomme and has a lovely screen print of a bicycle on the flap.  (OK this is not for actual bicycling - but it has a bicycle on it!!)  And I love the color.  :o)  $70 (US)

And, if you are really feeling adventurous, here a great vintage Schwinn Bicycle for sale from JnJink on Etsy for $250.00 plus shipping!

Happy cycling!!

My sweet husband, Guy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY + Recycling + Gardening = Fun Container Gardens!

I've got a very small yard, so I'm always looking for cute and clever DIY ideas for container gardening. Here are some fabulous ideas I found while scouring the internet.

Try nailing your kids outgrown rubber rain boots to your wooden fence, then plant with some hearty marigolds or other colorful flowers.  As if rain boots weren't cute enough on their own!

Hanging baskets are always great when you have limited space.  And this lovely hanging planter is made from recycled wood which is always a good thing.  Perfect for apartments and those with limited space.  And if you aren't handy enough to make something like this, you can buy it on Etsy.

Galvanized buckets and tubs are always fabulous for planting flowers and vegetable gardens.  We planted our tomatoes in a large tub much like the one above this summer, and I can't wait for fresh tomatoes to be ripe and ready for my summer salads!

Another great find on Etsy is this adorable recycled vintage planter. If you are crafty, any old wrought iron planter can be spray painted to a color that works with your garden theme. And if not, you can buy this one and fill it with lovely potted plants and flowers!

I hope this gives you some fun summer container gardening inspiration!!

Happy gardening!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a fun tutorial from Etsy on making summer lanterns from those cute little drink umbrellas!  I will definitely be using this for my next outdoor party.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite Finds on Etsy!

Every once in a while I just find something new on Etsy that excites me to no end!  This is one of those finds.  And these are really fairly simple craft items, that several different Etsy sellers are making.  But I find them just cheerful and fun and something I must have in my home and/or garden.  These first lights come from UsedAndAbused.  The lights are of the Solar variety and are decoupaged inside with colorful papers and laces.  You set this fabulous jars out in your garden where they collect the sun's rays, and when nightfalls, you have a colorful display of glowing lights!

This next set of lovely jars are more for indoors (but could also be used on your patio or porch) and are electric.  This beautiful chandelier comes from BootsNGus (also on Etsy). How pretty would this be on my patio hanging over my glass table.  Perfect for summer dining!

And, I've got plenty of old Ball jars around from jams and jellies.  But the decision is whether to make these myself - or just buy the fabulously already made up lights from these creative Etsy sellers.  Decisions, decisions.  ;o)

Whether I buy them or make them - I'm sure they will make a beautiful addition to my summer entertaining at home!