Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sellers Assisting Sellers!

Life is good!  Busy, but definitely good.  :o)

Busy because I've been making some changes in my online businesses and the things I do that support that.  First, I've made the hard decision to close my Artfire shop.  I liked Artfire.  There are a lot of things that Etsy could learn from them, for sure.  And even though I had some good sales on Artfire, I found I was was tending to my Artfire shop less an less and gravitating toward other things.  I'm a very intuitive soul, and tend to follow my gut on things, so that was a good sign to me that Artifre had served it's purpose for me and it was time to move on.  I also passed on the leadership of the Artfire Collections Guild to Peg of AbacusBeadCreations (both on Etsy and Artfire).  Peg is a vibrant and lovely lady, who I am sure will do a smashing job of running the ACGuild.  I wish her well!!

And as usual for me, one door closing usually means another one opening. :o)  I've recently taken 2 major leadership roles on a very active Etsy team that I am thoroughly enjoying!  It's the Sellers Assisting Sellers Etsy Team aka "Team SASSY".  If you've been around Etsy a while you may be familiar with the SAS Team.  It's an amazing group of talented and experienced Etsy sellers (with various areas of expertise) who volunteer to mentor other Etsy sellers who may be having some difficulties with or questions about selling on Etsy. You can find out more about the SAS Team by checking out their blog.  The SAS Mentors also have a forum on Etsy here. As as an offshoot of the SAS Team - we also created a forum (team) on Etsy where sellers can come and request a shop critique from the SAS Mentors.  I am now the Captain of that team and forum, which is known as SASSY Critiques.  If you have questions related to selling on Etsy or would like a shop critique, I hope you will stop by and start a thread with your questions.  Either myself or one of the other knowledgeable Mentors will stop by and answer you.  I think it is a great service to the Etsy community (which I am very proud of), and I am really enjoying giving back some of the knowledge and support that I have received from others on Etsy.

In the same spirit, I have revamped my blog to reflect my new direction.  I will be doing more blog posts about selling and offering support to other Etsy sellers with various informational topics related to running an online shop.  I have added tabs to my main page, where you will notice you can find "My Favorite Links" (links to a lot of great information that has helped me over the years of selling on Etsy), and "Advertise" where you can advertise your Etsy shop right here on my blog.  If you have questions about either, or have something specific you'd like to see me blog about, just email me any time or send me a message through either of my Etsy shops.

Happy Summer, and Happy Selling!!


Jaci said...

I love your blog - so vibrant and full of life, LOL!

Hand Painted Petals said...

Sandie, congratulations on your direction and having found the clarity. I have so much respect for you and your leadership in so many areas! Count me as a fan!