Saturday, January 1, 2011

We love Trader Joe's!

My huband is fortunate to be employed by Trader Joe's. Yes, that Trader Joe's. :o) He wears the hibiscus Ts and Hawaiian shirts to work, and he loves working there! What's really fun about it, whenever we tell people that he works at TJ's, the person ALWAYS comments back, "I LOVE Trader Joe's!". It's sorta like Sara Lee; nobody doesn't LOVE Trader Joe's.

They are an amazing company to work for, with awesome benefits, and treat their employees as wonderfully as they treat their customers. And they are a very successful company. More businesses should take note of how TJ's run their business. Their customer and employee loyalty is pretty legendary. Most people that go to work for TJ's rarely ever leave.

If you were lucky to see the Rose Parade this morning, TJ's had a most fabulous float! This was their 9th year participating in the Rose Parade and they won the "Amimation Award"! We are so thrilled for the designers and Phoenix Decorating Company that makes the float for TJ's. Here's the artwork for the float, entitled "Exploring Planet Dinner", and the description.

"Trader Joe’s provides parade viewers with a moveable feast in “Exploring Planet Dinner.” Known across the country as a source of the highest quality ingredients for any meal or snack, the specialty grocery store presents a fanciful animated machine that guarantees that each and every succulent item in this ideal garden is included in the mix for an ideal meal. The company’s 9th Rose Parade entry offers ten complex systems to propel the constantly moving elements that deliver a gourmet meal to the party of diners enjoying a prime table – with a view – at the front of the float."

If you've never been to a Trader Joe's store, you are missing out on a amazing experiece (and some fabulous food and wine).  Be sure to look up your closest TJ's and stop by sometime soon.  I'm betting that you'll love Trader Joe's too!!

Happy New Year!


Boot ~C said...

I'm so jealous of Trader Joe's! Sadly in Oklahoma we don't have them due to our antiquated liquor laws :(

jen said...

I was there filling up my cart yesterday!

Midnightcoiler said...

Sounds like a good place to work. I went to one once when traveling. Unfortunately, we don't have one anywhere near us.

Linnea said...

I LOVE Trader Joe's!!!! I used to leave room in my suitcase to bring chocolate back whenever I went to CA -- then they came to VA!!!!! And it was a pre-req that Charlotte had one before I moved here!!! They opened their first store in Charlotte 1 month after I moved here --- and now we have 3 stores. Love, love, love Trader Joe's!!!!!