Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaway! - A treat for any Mom

I've got a fabulous treat for any Mom in a fun Mother's Day Giveaway!  One of my fabulous Etsy friends (and fellow shop owner) Intentions has teamed up with me to provide you with a luxurious and delightful mothers day giveaway from her shop, and one of my shops, Knitzy Blonde.  So without further ado, what are we giving away?  Here are the fabulous gooodies.

From Intentions, two bars of her fabulous hand made soaps!  If you have not tried her hand made soaps you've missed out on one of the most luxurious treats your bath has ever had! Here are the two soaps in the giveaway ...

Berry Me Soap Bar - A pure, fruity berry scented soap, full of skin loving shea butter, olive oil, honey, vitamin E and kaolin clay. With a bit of vanilla for depth. An extremely mild soap excellent for normal or dry skin care. A hefty hand cut 4 oz.

Please just berry me in a pile of those roadside blackberries. You know which I mean? The ones you just come upon! You think you sneak up on them, but really, they planned and connived to discover you just as you discovered them. Sun warm. Sun kissed. Nothing else needs to try to come close.

Aspen Slopes - This soap recollects the just finished, bone wearying, dastardly delightful day of skiing. Sweet, spruced, iced through to the bone. That lighter than air feeling when you remove your boots and float across the room. Heaven reached. A moment to be treasured.

A fragrant spruce with icy peppermint and a nice soft sweetness to round it out. With shea butter and sodium lactate as moisturizers.Each hand cut 4 oz bar comes wrapped in gift wrap with medallion seal, ready for spreading joy!

And from my Knitzy Blonde shop, I'm giving away a beautiful set of my hand crocheted Luxurious Spa Wash Cloths and a set of the hand crocheted facial scrubbies!

Experience pure luxury when you use these buttery soft washcloths! Suitable for daily use or decorating your bathroom. This luxe spa washcloth and facial scrubbie set is lovingly hand crocheted in 100% cotton yarn. They are also a perfect wedding shower, housewarming or baby gift! This set includes 2 spa wash cloths (1 peach, 1 peaches & cream), and 2 facial scrubbies (same 2 colors). Measurements: Wash cloth ~ 8 x 8 inch square, Facial Scrubbie ~ 3.5 inches round. Care: This set is machine washable and dryable. The more you use these fabulous spa cloths, the softer and more absorbent they become.

How to enter the giveaway (be sure to leave your email address or etsy shop so we can contact you if you win!):

1. (MANDATORY THAT YOU DO BOTH IN ONE COMMENT) Go to Intentions Etsy shop and check out her fabulous goodies and tell us which one item is your favorite (besides the ones mentioned in the giveaway). Then go to KnitzyBlonde Etsy shop and tell me what one item there is your favorite (besides what is mentioned for the giveaway).  Remember fav item from both shops in one comment.

Extra entries:

2. Become a fan of Intentions on Facebook (leave a comment here)

3. Become a fan of ZaftigDelights~KnitzyBlonde on facebook (leave a comment here)

4. Follow Intentions on Twitter and follow ZaftigDelights on Twitter (leave a comment here - both in same comment)

5. Tweet the following: "There's a fab Mother's Day #giveaway from @BestIntention & @ZaftigDelights - Mom will love this! Ends 5/4"  (leave a comment here with link to tweet)

6.  Make a purchase from Intentions or KnitzyBlonde.  If you do, you get 5 extra entries.  Be sure to include the transaction number, and your contact info in 5 separate comments.

And that's it!  Giveaway ends at Midnight on May 4th.  I'll be back here to blog about the winner on May 5th!!

Good luck!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.
Each blade of grass,
Each honey tree,
Each bit of mud,
And stick and stone
Is blood and muscle,
Skin and bone.

And just as I
Need every bit
Of me to make
My body fit,
So Earth needs
Grass and stone and tree
And things that grow here

That's why we
Celebrate this day.
That's why across
The world we say:
As long as life,
As dear, as free,
I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.

Jane Yolen

Happy Earth Day,

Friday, April 16, 2010

Knitting with Madeline Tosh

There's nothing I like more than knitting, unless it's knitting with free yarn.  Doesn't get much better than that! So, when I was fortunate enough to be the winner at Yarn on the House's recent giveaway, I was quite excited. I won a skein of ToshMarino yarn from Madeline Tosh.  

I had never tried Madeline Tosh yarns before, and I was very intrigued to try this much talked about yarn.  I must admit that the color for this giveaway "Tannehill" was not a color of yarn that I would have normally picked for myself, but wow when I opened the box from Ve (Yarn on the House's fabulous blogger) I was completely blown away by the rich colors in this yarn, as well as it's incredible softness.  While at first look you'd think this was a moss green, but look closer and you will see about 6 different greens, and about 6 different browns and a tinge of blue, beige and even eggplant.  Incredibly amazing color!  And the softness is beyond compare. It is a real treat to knit with such soft and lovely yarn!!

So, what am I knitting with my new yarn?  Well, that took me a bit to figure out.  But I decided on a cowl, with a simple but interesting stitch to show of the beautiful colors and let this gorgeous yarn be the "star" of this cozy neckwear.

I want to thank Ve for hosting such fabulous giveaways!  Be sure you stop by Yarn on the House and join in the weekly giveaway fun.  Tell her I sent you. ;o)  Also a huge thanks to Madeline Tosh for providing such fabulous yarns to knit and crochet with!

To find out more about Madeline Tosh yarns you can check out their blog and their Ravelry forum.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Featuring! ~ Fellow Etsy Artisan "Kim's Crafty Apple"

I am pleased to bring you the next installment in my series "Featuring!", and am happy to introduce you to Kim and her 2 Etsy shops, Kim's Crafty Apple & The Apple.


From Kim's Etsy Bio:"I am currently a stay-at-home-mom of two small baby girls, recently retired from my full time job as a civil engineer. I have been creating things my entire life and whenever possible, I choose to make my own instead of buying something. The name of my store comes from the fact that I am part of a family-owned and operated apple orchard. When I first started dating my now-husband, his family let me display my jewelry in the apple store. It went over better than I ever expected and I have continued to create things to sell during the apple season."

How long have you been selling on Etsy, and what do you sell?
Of course I’m going to give you a more complicated answer than you were expecting for this question. KimsCraftyApple opened on February 29th, 2008 – 5 days after I had my second child. I actively started to sell on etsy in November of 2008. When I first started my shop I thought I could just list my things and they would sell – turns out that’s not true. You actually have to take decent pictures, work on social networking, learn the ins and outs of etsy and more to make a go of it on etsy (unless you’re extremely lucky and get ‘found’ right away) . I opened TheApple on April 17th, 2009 and I recently started selling canned goods from my apple orchard on LapaceksOrchard.

What do like most about being an independent artist/seller?
I LOVE being my own boss. I love deciding what to create, when to create it. I really enjoy doing craft fairs and meeting people. When I was in sixth grade we went to the Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco and I told my mom that I wanted to be a street vendor when I grew up. I feel as if I have accomplished this dream in craft fairs and farmer’s market. Talking to people and meeting everyone makes me happy (most of the time…).

What do like least about being an independent artist/seller?
I haven’t quite figured out time management. I feel that I work 20/7 (gotta sleep 4 hours…) There’s always more that I could do – either make more items, take better pictures, blog, twitter, talk in forums, research how to take better pictures – something that would make my shop better or help me reach more people. A lot of times it’s hard to step away and live a normal life at times. But, I still love it all and as long as I love it, I will keep doing it.

Tell us about your most positive/unique/fun Etsy (seller) experience?
I love first time etsy buyers. They’re so new and excited about buying handmade. It’s fun to help them through the process and I just love hearing back from them about how amazing their experience was. What’s great about etsy, is that you are buying from another person like yourself, instead of a big corporation who doesn’t ‘really’ care about you. It’s fun to personalize things for people or create them something amazing that they sort of new what they wanted but not quite and that’s where I, as the artist, come in to help them out. 

What one piece of info/advice do you wish someone had told you, the day before you opened shop on Etsy?
Join a Team (like etteam or team quiltsy) – from there you’ll learn most of the other things you need to know like taking pictures and social networking…

Where or how do you market your Etsy Shop/s?
Twitter, facebook, within etsy, I’ve used project wonderful, I always carry cards with me. I’ve also found that working on projects as I wait for things or go to meetings catches peoples attention. I’m one of those people that can pay attention better while doing something that doesn’t require a lot of thought. In January, I attended the Wisconsin Apple Grower Association conference and I was cutting out the clothing for my paper doll quilts – which attracted a lot of attention of other attendees. Creating is an easy way to start a conversation and helps you to meet people. I also sell my items at my apple store for three months a year and attended craft shows/fairs in my area. I’ve recently become a participant in the Madison Craftacular organized by Naomie from the GlitterWorkshop that have been SPECTACULAR!

What is your favorite single item that you make (the one you hate to part with)?
It has to be my quilts. I recently parted with my Autumn Wonder (seen above): (my cousin’s girlfriend bought it – the pictures don’t even come close to doing this quilt justice…) but I know it went to a good home so it made me feel better. It will also be really hard to see my Batik Around the Nation Quilt go too. Unfortunately, again, my photographs of my quilts don’t even start to do them justice…but the batiks in this one are just beautiful.

And last but not least (quick short answers) - what is your favorite color, your favorite song, your favorite food, and your favorite day of the week?
deep turquoise
Capri by Colbie Calliat
Food: Nachos
Favorite Day of the Week: Not apple season – Saturday, During Apple season - Monday

Here's where you can find Kim:

Etsy Shops:





Friday, April 9, 2010

It's in the bag!

I've added some fun new bags to my Knitzy Blonde Etsy shop, and I thought you might enjoy checking them out!

Ruffle Wristlet Zipper Pouch - Tattoo - This is such a funky little bag! It is what I call Tattoo print cotton fabric in beige with red hearts and black roses and thorns that all look like they were tattooed!  It has some organza ruffles on the front for sass, and a zipper closure and wrist strap. It measures 6" tall, 8" wide at the bottom, 1.5" deep.  These bags are great for cosmetics/makeups, electronics, or great for a small purse.

Ruffle Wristlet Zipper Pouch - Ivy - Same bag as above only in a green ivy print.  It also features organza ruffles and a pretty organza bow.  It measures 6" tall, 8" wide at the bottom, 1.5" deep.
Ruffle Wristlet Zipper Pouch - Chili Peppers - Same bag as above only in a bright Chili Peppers Print.  It features lace ruffles and some cute button.  It measures 6" tall, 8" wide at the bottom, 1.5" deep.

Large Paris Tote Bag.  This is one awesome bag!  The front and back has a delightful French Village scene with french words along the bottom.  It is lined in pick polka dots fabric, and has lots of great inner pockets (and also a bow on the front in the polka dots lining fabric).  
It is super padded with fusable fleece, which means that it is cushioned enough to carry your laptop safely, as well as all your other needs.  It measures 17" tall, 13.5 wide, 2.25" deep and 8" handle drop.  It features custom topstitching, a magnetic snap closure, and great attention to detail.    

There are a lot of other new things in my KnitzyBlonde shop.  I hope you'll grab a cup of coffee, and drop by for a browse!  :o)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wear y'er kilts proudly, aye! It's National Tartan Day!

National Tartan Day became an officially recognized US celebration in 1998, but the celebration of Scottish American heritage in the United States begin long before. National Tartan Day is celebrated each year on April 6th, the date which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. A Declaration which is widely viewed as greatly influencing the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. The inalienable need for freedom which runs within us all can be heard clearly from the following inspirational line from the Declaration of 1320.

“We fight not for glory, nor riches nor honors, but for freedom alone, which no good man gives up except with his life.”

With this same spirit, National Tartan Day relives and celebrates yearly the contribution and achievements made by Scottish Americans in the United States. Did you know that almost half of the signers of the Declaration of independence came from Scotland, Ulster or had ancestors there? Or that nine of the original thirteen states had governors who were of Scottish ancestry? Those with Scottish heritage have played a major role in helping guide the United States through some of our most difficult times, Let's celebrate their accomplishments on April 6th, National Tartan Day!

My family is very proud of our Scottish heritage, and our love of all things Scottish.  The picture above is my Grandson, Charlie and I in our family tartan (MacGregor) on our way to our local Scottish Highlands Games, last summer.  Charlie is an amazing drummer, and has the occasional honor of sitting in with the Scottish tribal band, The Wicked Tinkers.  Here are a couple of pictures of Charlie on the drums with the Tinkers, and a posed shot after the concert.  I hope you enjoy them.  After all, who doesn't like a picture of men in kilts!!  ;o)


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

When my daughter, Rachael was a cute little 3yr old, on Easter morning she woke me up at 4am tugging impatiently on my arm and said excitedly, "Mommie, Mommie - come look in the living room, some Bunny's been here!" She then drug me half asleep to the living room where she gleefully ran around the room hunting all her Easter eggs and putting them in her basket.

I thought it was so adorable, that every year I would remind her about it, and she would always be sure to tell me Easter morning that "Some Bunny's been here, Mommie!!". Even though she is now 36 and living clear across the country, I know I will be getting a phone call on Easter morning letting me know that indeed, "Some Bunny's" been to her house. :o)

Happy Easter, and I hope that "Some Bunny" comes to your house too!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A "treasury" of springtime goodies!

Yes, Spring has definitely sprung.  In my yard we have roses, bird of paradise, daffodils, daisies, geraniums and variety of other odds and ends that are blooming. 5 pots of Cymbidium orchids on my patio have spiked, and the Dendrobium orchid in my kitchen window is filled with just opening purple blossoms.  They are all so lovely, and put me in the mood to make a very spring-like Etsy treasury. Below I've listed the shops of the fabulous Etsy sellers that I featured in this treasury.   I hope you enjoy it!

Featured sellers:

Knitzy Blonde
The Joy of Color
Linden Avenue Designs
Rock And Gold
Lama Works
Gocks Frocks
D Babcock

I hope you enjoy the beauty of spring, wherever it is!