Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Holiday Decor!

I love decorating the house for the holidays. This year I wanted a new wreath to hang over the fireplace, and was looking online but found myself dismayed at how expensive they all were. Especially for the large size that I wanted. So I got industrious, and went to Michael's and came home with the supplies to make my own. Here's what I bought:

24" base artificial pine wreath with metal base and bendable boughs
4 large premium silk poinsettias - burgundy
gold tipped eucalyptus branches
branches with red berries
gold glitter branches
gold tipped baby's breath
one roll of 2.5" wire ribbon - burgundy with gold
and one roll of florists wire

I arranged the various branches and flowers around the wreath and attached them tightly with florists wire. This way they will be sturdy and secure. I then fashioned a large bow with the ribbon and attached it at the bottom and here is the finished result:

Once the branches were fluffed out, and all the extras were attached, it ended up measuring about 32" in diameter, and just what I wanted!  And for less than half the cost of a purchased one.  So don't be afraid to attempt a little handmade decorating this holiday season.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

Happy "handmade" holidays!

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