Monday, October 4, 2010

My Monday Etsy Handmade Fav!

This is my weekly blog feature where I pick one of my favorite items or sellers on Etsy to share with you. No rhyme or reason - except it is just fabulous handmade or vintage stuff that I love! I hope you love it too. ~ Sandie

I recently found myself in need of some ribbons for a knitting project I'm working on, and I stumbled upon Flame Kissed Art II on Etsy.  She ad some lovely colors that were exactly what I needed, so I ordered.  They arrived on Saturday, and I must say they are beautiful!!  Bold vivid colors, nicely sewn, well packaged and promptly shipped!  You can't beat that!

If you need any pretty ribbons for jewelry, sewing or knitting projects, I highly recommend Flame Kissed Art II on Etsy!

Have a great week!!


PoetessWug said...

Thanks for sharing. She has some really beautiful colors there. I never saw her shop before. Thanks for the intro! :-)

niftyknits said...

beautiful ribbons - love the purply/turquoise one. It's silly I know, but I'd never thought there were handmade ribbons.

EmptyNester said...

Enjoy your blog. I didn't realize there was such a variety on ETSY! Thanks for sharing!

Siany said...

I love the color! I hope you make lots of beautiful stuff with it! :)