Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Monday Fav on Etsy! (except today's Tuesday) ;o)

This is my weekly blog feature (usually on Mondays - but this week it's Tuesday) where I pick one of my favorite items or sellers on Etsy to share with you.  No rhyme or reason - except it is just fabulous handmade or vintage stuff that I love!  
I hope you love it too.  ~ Sandie

I just love hand thrown pottery!  I appreciate the talent and patience it takes, as it's not something I could ever think of doing.  :o)  This is one of my favorite pieces from Pat's Pottery on Etsy.  The colors of her glazes are so rich and this would look perfect in my kitchen.  I hope you'll stop by her shop, because I bet you'll find something that would look perfect in your kitchen too! 


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PoetessWug said...

I like it too! I also like the idea of taking a day to show off your etsy find! Forgive me if I steal the idea every once in a while. :-)...I'm glad I found your blog!