Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite Thing in my Shop!

I make a lot of things. Jewelry, clothing, handbags, knitwear, and on and on..... A lot of people ask me, what is my favorite thing that I make? Well, it's time to answer that question.

My favorite thing that I make is this fabulous handbag (as seen here on Handmade Spark!).  It's my big ass tote bag, in this fun retro cherries print!  This is my go to bag that I carry around with me every day, and here's what all it holds.  Internal pocket holds cell phone, another pocket holds pens and calendar book (appointments), open part of tote bag holds my wallet, my matching cherries cosmetics bag (filled to the brim), 3 current knitting projects that I am working on (yes, I am a multi-tasking knitter), and a water bottle.  This bag holds a lot - and it is strudy, (double interfaced for durability).  I do get a lot of comments on this bag when I am out shopping, and people always want to know where I bought it.  I usually just smile, give them a business card and point them to my Etsy shop.  :o)

By the way, I also make this bag in a bunch of other fabulous novelty print fabrics that can make this bag wonderfully unique and customized just for you!

So, now you know.  Have a fabulous week!!


PoetessWug said...

Very nice!

niftyknits said...

I love that you carry THREE knitting projects - a girl after my own heart!

CelyFrenchie said...

You're right, it looks great, congrats :)