Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's in the bag!! (and it's a good deal!)

Just wanted to share with you my new line of Tote bags: Big Ass Totes!  

I'm not kidding, these are seriously big ass tote bags! Don't let the cute fabric prints fool ya, this is a bag with attitude that will hold all your loot and booty!

The obvious: Yup, I use very cute and trendy fabric prints (it's 100% cotton) and it has a cool band and bow on the front. It's lined with a solid color 100% cotton fabric, and has some cool pockets. One divided pocket that holds cell phone, pens and keys, and one large pocket that holds a whole bunch of other cool stuff. It has super sturdy handles that aren't going anywhere that you don't go. Oh, and it has a magnetic snap so nobody snoops inside.

The not so obvious: I use a majorly intense interfacing (double layers) that makes this one stiff and sturdy bag. This puppy won't fall over, sag or droop. Honest!!

Measurements: 11" across the bottom, 17" across the top, 14" tall, and 4" deep, with an 11" handle drop. (I told ya it was big!)

Bonus: I make a cute little cosmetics pouches that match each one of these big totes and they are sold separately. However, if you purchase both the tote bag and the matching cosmetics pouch together (in the same transaction), I'll give you a 10% refund of your total price (except for shipping) via paypal.

Start stocking up for Christmas now!!!

Happy Shopping,


Waterrose said...

The name cracks me up! lol

Michelle Davisson said...

I Just wanted to say it that Wow I love your purses they are so pretty. I collect purses and shoes. You are very talented.

吳婷婷 said...