Thursday, June 17, 2010

I need your vote!!

I need your vote.  OK, actually it is not for me personally, but for my grandson Charlie.  I entered him in picture contest on  We love Sportkilt - they make the best kilts, reasonably priced, and washable!!  Fabulous product.  

The contest is for a custom kilt, and Charlie could use a new one, and really wants to win.  The photo contest is "Sports", so I entered the picture you see of Charlie here.  Now, how does this relate to "sports", you ask?  Well, here is the photo caption:  "Charlie's favorite sport is playing the drums and looking at girls, both of which he is doing here!"  

So, please click on the link to the Sportkilt site - scroll down to the bottom of the page - look for Charlie's picture (same as this one) - and click on 5 stars.  

Link:  Sportkilt photo contest.  

Thank you all for your support!!!!!!!  You are the best.  ;o)