Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

When my daughter, Rachael was a cute little 3yr old, on Easter morning she woke me up at 4am tugging impatiently on my arm and said excitedly, "Mommie, Mommie - come look in the living room, some Bunny's been here!" She then drug me half asleep to the living room where she gleefully ran around the room hunting all her Easter eggs and putting them in her basket.

I thought it was so adorable, that every year I would remind her about it, and she would always be sure to tell me Easter morning that "Some Bunny's been here, Mommie!!". Even though she is now 36 and living clear across the country, I know I will be getting a phone call on Easter morning letting me know that indeed, "Some Bunny's" been to her house. :o)

Happy Easter, and I hope that "Some Bunny" comes to your house too!

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From Tracie said...

That is so sweet!!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!