Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Featuring! ~ Fellow Etsy Artisan "The Joy of Color"

Here is another installment in my series feature some fabulous fellow Etsy artisans. In honor of "Spring" like to introduce you to Yael, from The Joy of Color.

How long have you been selling on Etsy, and what do you sell?

I'm selling at Etsy about 8 months. I sell mainly decorative painted objects for home wear made of cold clay, like bouquet of flowers, napkin rings, containers. I also have some knitted fashion and jewelry accessories combined with my clay flowers.

What do like most about being an independent artist/seller?

First of all No bosses around!!, I'm the only one deciding about my day schedule.  Freedom to create whatever I want to. I just love working from home without spending time on commuting, and yes i do love to hang around most of the day with my old jeans and T's.

What do like least about being an independent artist/seller?

I really don't like all the accountant and bureaucratic staff.

Tell us about your single most positive/unique/fun Etsy (seller) experience?

Well, just at the beginning a nice Australian lady ordered a big quantity of my golden flowers. She ordered when she was already packing and moving to a smaller house. When she got the flowers she send me a long letter describing what a dreadful day she had arranging their temporary house, which was small and full of cartons yet, and her 2 dogs have arthritis and can not go upstairs, etc. But then her husband came from the post office with the golden flowers that made her so happy so she wrote this wonderful letter to tell me how they made her fell. Well that sure made me happy! I think that is one of the things I like about selling on Etsy; the personal human touch.

What one piece of info/advice do you wish someone had told you, the day before you opened shop on Etsy?

Learn about etsy from forums, friends, browse it , (not like me that jumped right in without knowing a thing about selling on line). Be patient and be prepared for a long process of learning  And finally, a good camera is a must!!

Where or how do you market your Etsy Shop?

Actually i need to do more at this area, what i do is: in Etsy - treasuries (because i love it), nominate for voter whenever it fits, (been in one and it was great promotion), working on my tagging, Etsy category showcase didn't work for me. I tried the main showcase - lots of entries but too expensive. Outside Etsy, I'm on Twitter, Facebook and Kaboodle. I don't have a blog yet, thinking about it but writing is not one of my best skills.

What is your favorite single item that you make (the one you hate to part with)?

My golden Lurex cable knit bag.

And last but not least (quick short answers) - what is your favorite color, your favorite song, your favorite food, and your favorite day of the week?

Day In Day Out by Billie Holiday
Fresh baked bread (by me) with butter

Be sure to stop by Yael's Etsy shop, The Joy of Color.

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TheJoyofColor said...

Thank you so much Sandie for the lovely post!! Have a wonderful week
The Joy of Color

Janine said...

What a wonderful feature of a wonderful artist!

Waterrose said...

Love your creations Yael and it's nice to get to know you better!

Lauren said...

Yael's work is beautiful! What a lovely feature.

Lauren said...

Yael's work is beautiful! What a lovely feature.

neomi said...

Greay interview! I realy like Yael's items - they are so colorfull!

niftyknits said...

certainly the perfect artist to feature on a lovely spring day - and Joy of Color is on Etsy Front Page right now!

StudioCherie said...

Love the story of how your flowers made that womans day - all of the details and everything. Very well told, Yael.

arosha said...

Yael is a colorful and joyful person with a beautiful shop!
Loved to read it!