Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Featuring! ~ Fellow Etsy Artisan DKJewels

This is the 1st in my new series of features on some fabulous fellow Etsy Artisans.  I hope you enjoy learning more about some incredible talented people in the indie artist community!   ~ Sandie
from her Etsy profile...

"My name is Krystle. AND I LOVE BEADS! Oh wait this isn't a beads anonymous meeting. woops.   I am a 27 yr old stay at home mom to 3 rambunctious kiddlets . I have One girl and 2 boys. I have been married to my husband and love of my life for nearly 9 years.  I have been beading in one form or another since I was a child. I am inspired by Vintage items, oriental artwork, southwestern fashion nature or maybe just a color combination I saw on a cereal box.  I Love to create things, ANYTHING. I paint, update old furniture I find at flea markets, make soap, make hair bows, paper crafts you name it! I'm not happy if I can't make something."  
How long have you been selling on Etsy, and what do you sell?

"I have been selling on etsy since April 9, 2007. I started out selling Handmade jewelry, soap and hand etched glass. I know sell primarily my jewelry and hair accessories."  

What do like most about being an independent artist/seller? 

"I like the freedom I have to control what I sell. What I invest and If I need a break I am free to take one. Also I love the personal aspect you get from selling your art to people directly. I love building relationships with my customers." 

What do like least about being an independent artist/seller? 

"I wish it was simpler to spread the word about my jewels. you really have to work hard to advertise for yourself. Also, I wish people understood that each item is handmade with love and expertise and not made on an assembly line."  

Tell us about your single most positive/unique/fun Etsy (seller) experience? 

"I have had quite a few. I really enjoy when people explain why they bough a piece or that it was for a special occasion. But, I think my favorite was being picked as a seller for the etsy e-mail twice! It felt so neat to know all those people would see my work." 

What one piece of info/advice do you wish someone had told you, the day before you opened shop on Etsy? 

"There will be slow times! The fluctuation in sales can really make you nervous at time. I will have a ton of sales from nowhere and then none for weeks. I have learned to try and stay busy creating and making connections during the slow times."  

Where and/or how do you market your Etsy Shop/s? 

"I play on Twitter, @dkjewels, and I have a Facebook fan page and I also buy small advertising spots when I can afford to. I also have a huge vinyl decal with my etsy shop across the back of my van and I place business cards anyplace that lets me."  

What is your favorite single item that you make (the one you hate to part with)?

"Oh there have been a few, currently I am in love with http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41192535 . It's my favorite color and its just so sleek and wonderful! YUMMO." 

And last but not least - what is your favorite color, favorite song, favorite food, and favorite day of the week?

Babe im Gonna leave you by Led Zeppelin 
Be sure to stop by Krystal's shops and check out all her lovely jewelry and hair accessories!



niftyknits said...

So much to smile at here - beads anonymous for starters! as always it's wire wrapping that makes me stop and gawp. Those last earrings - the curl of wire is so neat and even and so totally impossible for me!

Waterrose said...

Great interview and it is always so nice to get to know people better. Helps put a face to an avatar!

StudioCherie said...

Krystle is such a talent. Wonderful interview.

Krystle said...

Thanks! This was fun. I hope I'm not too boring lol. Ty so much for allowing me the opportunity Sandie.