Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Southern California Christmas with Etta Meerkat!

'Twas the day before Christmas and all through our flat, Excitement was brimming for Etta the Meerkat....

Etta and I had such a fun day baking cookies for Santa, and preparing for Christmas. She is a marvelous helper and found that she really loves Oatmeal Cranberry cookies. ;o) After lots of cookies and goodies were baked, we spent a little time in my studio crafting Etta a tiny little swimsuit to wear to the beach. Being used to sewing for plus sized women presented a unique challenge in making a very small swimsuit for a meerkat that I will happily add to my resume! I let Etta pick out her own fabric - and she decided on black, with hot pink polka dots.

Swimsuit made and holiday cooking preparations done, we settled in for a lovely evening of Holiday movies. We watched my favorite holiday movie, White Christmas. Etta eemed to enjoy herself, and said she really like the costumes. Then we hung Etta's stocking with ours, and left cookies and milk for Santa and tucked Etta in for good night's sleep.

Etta woke Christmas morning to find that Santa had left her candy, fruit and nuts in her Christmas stocking, which she enjoyed snacking on. And under the Christmas tree was a shiney new Meerkat sized surf board. Etta squeaked with glee and jumped up and down, because she knew this meant that she was going to surfing!! So, breakfast out of the way, we headed off for Christmas day at the beach!

It was a beautiful sunny day at Moonlight Beach, with lots of kids playing with new boogie boards and kites. Etta took a little time to soak in the sun and see all that was going on. Then, it was time to try out her new surf board! After a few practices on dry land - Etta headed to the water's edge to test our her surfing abilities. And surprisingly enough - she took to surfing like an old pro!

After a fun and crazy day of surfing, Etta, waves goodbye to her new surfer friends, and Moonlight Beach. She and I decided to pose for a picture together as a special momento of our holiday together.

As you can see, Etta and I had a glorious time at the beach. I did notice that she has added a new word to her very "British" vocabulary. She now calls everyone "Dude". Ah yes, California surf lingo. You gotta love it. ;o)

Today, Etta and I are making her a pretty little bag/pouch for her to keep all her new treasures in on her travels. And then, it is off to her next adventure. My husband and I are sad to see her go, but we so enjoyed her company for the holidays. She was a delightfully fun and well mannered guest!

So, where in the world will Etta go for her next adventure?


Glorious Hats said...

Oh what marvelous fun. Great story and photos.

Waterrose said...

Ohhh so much fun. Looks like she wore her sunburn! Perhaps whomever wins her will live on the beach and she'll be able to continue surfing!

Jaci said...

I love the little bikini! And Etta has great taste - she looks so cute in that fabric! Can't wait to see what's next for her :)

Karen said...

Such a beautiful, joyful Christmas.
Love Etta's bikini!

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

i just love these updates! What a fun project! Can't wait to meet etta!

Kristen said...

I LOVE it! what a fabulous new swim suit :) and the surfing pics are happy she got there in time for her california christmas!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Sandie~
LOVE Etta's new bathing suit! How lucky she was to travel to sunny San Diego and have a custom suit made for her. The surf board is pretty cute too. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

niftyknits said...

Oh this is brilliant! What a "dude"!!!

MaMa said...

Oh Sandie!!
I love the bikini!!! Etta looks so cute! I was LOL seeing her with her new surf board! HA~

Sounds like she has a wonderful Christmas in CA.

Hugs and Love,

StudioCherie said...

Wonderful photos. Such a cute post.

Midnightcoiler said...

What a wonderful day at the beach you all had! I love the photos with the surfboard. Well done!