Monday, August 17, 2009

Yes, Michele, it is "Just another manic Monday"!

My online friend, Michele from By Your Side, sent me a note this morning, that led me to her blog. Her blog update for today was titled, "Just another manic Monday". So in my title for this post, I am sincerely agreeing with her. ;o) (Michele makes some very lovely handbags and other accessories. Be sure to stop by her blog and check out her creations.)

In her blog, Michele "tagged me" and sent me a blog award. The award states that you give 10 facts about yourself and “tag” 10 fellow bloggers.

I will now share with you my 10 facts - how interesting they are will be left up to you. :o)

1. I'm originally from Colorado. Spent most of my life there until in 1992, when I moved to a little California city with the zip code of 90210. We now by the beach near San Diego.

2. I'm Scottish. (OK so most of you probably know that about me.) And like most Scots I'm very proud of my heritage. We are members of the clan MacGregor society, and love going to the Highland Games to partake of all things Scottish. (This pic is of the grandson and me on our way to the games, wearing our MacGregor tartans.)

3. I am ridiculously hooked on playing the games on facebook, like; Pirates, Farmtown and Bejeweled Blitz.

4. Radio personalities Howard Stern, Laura Ingram & Michael Medved have all ranted about me on the radio (and not in an nice way). I guess that makes me one of the good guys! ;o)

5. I've had breakfast with Dan Akroyd and Tommy Lasorda. I've had lunch with Dionne Warwick, Adam West (Batman), and comedienne Vicki Lawrence.

6. I've have been on the following television shows: Leeza (Leeza Gibbons), 48 Hours (CBS news show), 20/20 (ABC news show), Sally Jessy Raphael, Oprah and quite a few others.

7. One of my hobbies is growing my hair. I have have very long hair. 42 inches long to be exact. I collect pretty hair sticks and haircombs - and love trying all kinds of different updos. I also have a tattoo of a hibiscus on my left hand and 8 piercings in my ears.

8. My first date with my husband was a disaster. I had planned to never see him again - but his patience and persistence won out, and we have been happily together for over 16 years.

9. I used to be a professional drummer. Yup. I made my living for many years as a musician and vocalist.

10. I learned to sew, knit and bead when I was quite young, but never expected I would be using those talents to earn a living. I must admit that at this point in my life, I am really enjoying it. Working at home and using my creative talents is a very fulfilling thing!

I am going to pass this award on to the following ten bloggers, who just happen to also be fellow Etteam (EtsyTreasuryTeam) members…

1. Heather at Nifty Knits

2. Lynn at MidnightCoiler

3. Tina at AdornMeJewelry

4. Jen at Enuwbe

5. Kristen at GocksFrocks

6. Karrita at MyMother'sGarden

7. Rose at Waterrose Handcrafted Osessions

8. Cherie at StudioCherie

9. Jane at GloriousHats

10. Sue at BartonOriginals

So, there you have it! Ten interesting or not so interesting facts about me and ten awesome blogs to start your week off with!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Midnightcoiler said...

Sandie, I enjoyed your 10 interesting facts! I didn't know you were famous. And, a big congratulations for whatever it was you did to incur the scorn of the people you listed! ;-)

I'm not sure I know 10 other blogs to send this to, but I'll work on it. I doubt my facts will be as interesting as yours either.

Sue said...

Sandie, what fun to learn these very interesting little tidbits of info about you!! Thank you for tagging me - hopefully tomorrow I will do my stint at info blogging! LOL

StudioCherie said...

Now we want details about all of your very intersting facts! Why were you on all of those TV shows? What did you eat when you were with Dan Akroyd? Do you participate in any of the highland games?
Love you!

ZaftigDelights said...

LOL - Lynn, more like infamous! ;o)

Cherie - I was on those TV shows as a plus sized fashion model, and activist for the rights of plus sized people.

Breakfast with Dan? Well, it was over 10 years ago at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset in LA, it was a breakfast buffett, and I can't remember what I ate. Too busy laughing and enjoying the conversation. ;o)

My grandson plays drums with a Scottish band - so we generally hang out and watch him - but I have participated in some music events at the highland games in the past. Most of my participation at the Highland games comes from drinking some fabulous single malt Scotch. :o)


Waterrose said...

Thanks so much for the love! It sounds like you thoroughly enjoy life...I'm so happy to have met you and think it would be quite fun to "really" meet you. I will pass this on to 10 of my favorite bloggers real soon!

Michele said...

Thank you for your kind words!Loved learning more about you! I am probably more curious than I was before! I had 54" of hair that I cut and donated to Locks of Love about 5 years ago, then shaved my head about a 1 1/2 ago when a friend went through chemo, so I am starting all over! I love your hair!
~Michele from By Your Side

My Mother's Garden said...

Sandie, I loved learning all of these interesting tidbits about you! Sounds like you've led quite an interesting life...hope I get to see you one day on one of the television shows. Thanks for passing this on! Can't wait to see the other posts from fellow Etteam members!
Have a good one~

ENUWBE said...

WOW, there is more to you than you let on! I would love to be on Oprah! 90210!! Must be pretty!

niftyknits said...

eeeeek! I was loving reading your facts.....right up till I got to the bit where I saw my name ;-)
Thank you xx

Pamela Zimmerman said...

Great to hear more about you, Sandie! Your hair is GORGEOUS! I am jealous. How did you manage to eat with all those famous people?