Monday, August 24, 2009

Twitter, Facebook & Social Networking for Online Sellers

Social networking is huge now. Really huge! And it is important to take advantage of that fact if you are an online seller. You can attract a lot of business to your online shop through social networking.

If you have an online shop (like Etsy), you probably figured out that your potential buyers want to get to know you. And for that reason, if you are anything like me, you're probably involved in a lot of online social networking. Since it takes a lot of time to post updates to all these networks, I needed a way to be more efficient with my online shop promotion. It makes sense to have all your social networks connected so that you only have to update once and the same information shows up everywhere. So let's get some of your social networks connected so you can be more efficient with your time as well and have them all update with the same information.

For example, the way I have my social networks work set up, is this: When I post a new blog, post a new photo to flickr, and even when I list a new item in my Etsy shop a post is sent to my Twitter. That Twitter post in turn is sent to facebook. This helps me cut down on time spent trying to be sure that when I blog, post to flickr, or update my etsy shop I don’t have to go crazy (and wasting a lot of time) trying to get it posted to Twitter and facebook. So, how did I accomplish this?

Well, let's start with assuming you have Twitter, facebook, a blog, and anything else with an RSS feed.

To hook up your Twitter account so that it automatically sends updates your facebook page, use the following steps:

1. Install the twitter application on facebook. Visit the following link application for facebook.

Go to application, click allow, login to Twitter with your Twitter login information. Your page will then look like a facebook style Twitter page. At the top click on “allow Twitter to update facebook…” and you should be done.

Test it out. Post a cool update on your Twitter page and then check your facebook page. Did it post to facebook? Yeah!!!!!

2. Okay now on to setting it so that your blog, flickr, any place that has an RSS feed for you will update Twitter.

Next, go to TwitterFeed and sign up for an account. Be sure to note your password and user name.

Now you might want to have several windows or tabs open with your places you want to list here; whether it is your blog, flickr, Etsy Shop, or really any place that has an RSS feed for you.

Now you want to create a new feed for each of the places you will want to feed to Twitter.

Make each feed one at a time, and give each feed a different name.

You want to go to your blog (or where ever you’re snagging your feed from) and snag your RSS feed link. Use your feedburner link if you can. Find the link that you want to use, and copy that link. Now you can paste that link over at TwitterFeed.

I have noticed that some blogger templates (incase you are using a background template) remove the "subscribe to" posts link at the bottom of the posts section. If this happens then test out the following with your blogger link.


Once you have done this can edit your settings. You can add a little prefix {blog} or {flickr} or {etsy} what ever you want to do. It's up to you

When you’re done hit update.

Then continue to set up each feed to Twitter on TwitterFeed. You should then be connected. Try making a blog post, upload a photo, or list something in your Etsy shop and wait to check it out on Twitter and then facebook.

If you have any questions, just holler and I'll do my best to help. :o)


Midnightcoiler said...

Sandie, I know this will be helpful to a lot of people. I have never understood the RSS feed thing. When I get some time to play with it I'm going to see if I can follow your directions. Sounds like a real time saver. I wondered how people keep up with all the social networking sites!
Thanks for the info!

niftyknits said...

oh my goodness - no wonder couldn't work all this out for myself! Thank you Sandie, this is going to be really useful. I shall sit down and study it properly tomorrow on my day off.

springcolors said...

Thank yoo Sandie, these are exellent advices. You can also use twitterdeck, that enables you to post simultaniously to twitter and facebook.

StudioCherie said...

Awesome. Thank you! Maybe I can Twitter.