Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Twitter Account Flew the Coop!!

A few hour ago I logged on to check my various online social networks, only to see the following my on Twitter page.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather! (pun sort of intended) And, after some research it appears that there are quite a few people that are presently experiencing the same problem. I found the following info on the site

"Twitter Account Suspensions

Sunday, July 5th, 2009: A lot of people with legitimate Twitter accounts are currently suffering from having their accounts suspended (late Sunday afternoon).

It is not TweetLater's doing or fault. So, please do not submit a TweetLater support request about it.

We just heard back from Twitter via email, and they said : "Spamcloud hit. We're working on restoring accounts."

We just need to be patient. The suspended accounts will be restored.

Update: We have no idea exactly what a "spam cloud" means. It is probably Twitter staff lingo for a massive spam attack.

Update: We have seen during previous spam attacks that Twitter tends to shoot first and ask questions later and indiscriminately lay down carpet bombing when their system comes under a spam attack. A lot of innocent-bystander accounts get massacred in the process, which they then have to restore afterwards. This is most likely what has happened again."

I reported the problem to Twitter. We;ll how fast they get this straightened out. Hopefully we will all be back tweeting on Monday. Cross your beaks, er feathers, er whatever. :o)


{Katie Lane} said...

That's weird. Hope you get it fixed. Thanks for stoping by and entering my giveaway!!

Michele said...

AAHHH! Yikes! Saw your new account this morning and followed you back!
~Michele from By Your Side