Friday, June 5, 2009

I've joined a 2nd Etsy Team!

Etsy teams are a fabulous, fun and supportive way to promote your Etsy shops, and make new friends - both of which make selling on Etsy even more delightful!

The new team I've joined is "Carried Away" - the Etsy Bag Maker Team. The team exists to promote the work of all members, offer each other advice and share marketing and bag making ideas. Their blog features work from their members, links to bag making tutorials, answers to questions about bag making and giveaway or sale information from their members. They also have a group flickr pool.  

If you are into handbags, be sure to check out the Carried AwayTeam blog where they have a list of some really fabulous bag makers, as well as a listing of all the team member individual blogs.  I've been drooling just looking at all the bags that these fabulous folks make.  I love a good handbag! 

The bag above is my newest bag in my Etsy shop, KnitzyBlonde.  It is a padded laptop carrier bag made from Pendleton wool, with some beautiful Celtic knot buttons.  It's perfect for any 13" laptop.  It fits my MacBook laptop like a glove - with just enough extra room for the plug in cord.

Below are a couple of my cute little Vintage Style Reversible Handbags.  They are the perfect small bag with 8" x 8" of useable space, and you get 2 handbags for the price of one.  One side of the handbag is always velvet, so that you can use it for both daytime and evening!

Happy handbag shopping!!


aquariann said...

Etsy teams rock! I've met so many wonderful souls through them. :D

Your bags are fabulous, especially the green ivy one.

Michele said...

Cute, Cute!! Love the laptop bag, I am from Portland, Oregon - the land of Pendleton Wool!!
~Michele from By Your Side