Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For the love of long hair.

Those of you that know me, know I'm obsessed about my long hair!  I quit cutting it when I turned 48 (except for very minor trims), and decided I was going to be the "excentric" old woman with hair down to her knees.    And while some may call me obsessed, I call growing my my hair,  "my hobby".  :c)  

I'm very careful with and wear it up a lot to keep it in good condition.  A good lesson to remember if you plan on growing your hair long, is "treat it like fine lace".  Seriously.  Comb gently with a seamless comb.  If you brush, brush carefully after detangling with your comb.  And, wear it up as much as possible to protect it from damage.  Do as little heat processing (meaning ironing, hot curlers and blow dryers) as possible.  I quite using those tools completely when I decided to grow long.  And, you may need to give chemicals.  Yup, bleaching and coloring is very damaging to hair and if you are trying to grow super long - chemicals can be a problem.  So as you can see, growing long hair may not be for those who are hooked on their curling irons and hair color.

Someone asked me once what prompted me to start making my HairStyx.  Well I got into a bad habit of using a pen/pencil or knitting needle to hold my hair up when I was sewing or cutting on fabric.  My husband asked me one day if I couldn't find something a little more attractive than a pencil to put my hair up with.  I realized that all the lovely lampwork beads and other yummy gems, etc., that I make into jewelry would also be wonderful on hair sticks.  

I make my HairStyx on bases of Hawaiian Koa Wood.   Curly Koa is a lovely hard wood, (ok to use in damp hair).  It is smooth and rich in color.  Then I top them many different kinds of lampwork beads, gemstones or other fabulous goodies, and viola!  HairStyx.  

There are so many fabulous styles for putting up your hair with HairStyx.  You can often just use one, or at most two, and you have a beautiful elegant hairdo that is being held up with wonderfully non-damaging tools. 
There are some fabulous online resources that you can look up with directions on how to put up your hair using hair sticks.  It's actually quite easy, once you get the hang of it!  

I am happy to do custom orders on HairStyx, if there is something special that you would like done.  A special type of lampwork bead, or gemstone or color.  There are lots we can do.  And I can also customize the lengths from 4" to 8" so we have HairStyx for all lengths and textures of hair.  I can also make up HairStyx that match any earrings, necklaces or bracelets that I make, so that you have a beautifully matching set.

I hope you will stop by Zaftig Delights and look at our fabulous HairStyx!  Drop me a note the Etsy conversation system if you have any questions or want to request a custom order.  

Happy growing!!  


Lynn Hoyt said...

Sandie, your hairstyx are beautiful. They would sure beat pencils and knitting needles!
lynn (midnightcoiler)

ZaftigDelights said...

Thanks, Lynn! Yeah - they sure do. ;o) Sandie

l'actrice said...

So much fun your hair styx! I love long hair, yours looks great:-)


Glorious Hats said...

Not only are the hairstix beautiful, the article is a great read.

littlebobleep said...

Sandie, here I am wearing one of your beatiful hairsyx!


littlebobleep said...


Here I am:


ZaftigDelights said...


Thanks for sharing the pic of you wearing your HairStyx! Your updo looks fabulous!!


hello said...

So hard to pick just one of your HairStyx... can I just choose your entire shop?


ZaftigDelights said...


Shop to your hearts content!!

And, thanks.