Thursday, January 22, 2009

The beauty and mystery of the Etsy Treasury.

For those who are not Etsy "addicts" - the "Treasury" is that lovely collection of items that is on the front page of Etsy when you pop in to do some shopping of the fabulous handmade and vintage items sold there.  They are curated by us sellers, and then go into a long list with other treasuries, from which the front page (FP) treasuries are then picked by the Etsy Admins.  They are picked for the FP based on many mysterious and unknown reasons, but we do know for sure that the more popular your treasury (the hotter it is), the more likely you will end up on the front page.  And the Front Page is something we all strive for!!  

Here is a capture of some recent Etsy treasuries I would like to share with you.  The first is one (left) I just curated this morning, "The Flowers in my Etsy Garden".  It is made up of items from the fabulous shops of the Etsy Treasury Team (ETTEAM). The second one is curated by another fabulous ETTEAM member, Mermaid Treasures, and it features my Tudors Charmed Necklace.  This treasury is titled "Once upon a time".

If you are as Etsy "addicted"  as the rest of us, ;o) , I hope you will take the time to stop by our fabulous treasuries, leave us a comment and click on all the wonderful items that are featured.  It is a great way to window shop and discover some fabulous new treasures on Etsy!

If you are interested in learning how to curate an Etsy treasury, this is the best tutorial I have seen on the subject. Etsy Treasury Demo by Jen (SweetestPea).  It's how I learned to curate treasuries, and I highly recommend it!!

Happy Shopping!


Lynn Hoyt said...

Great article for buyers who wonder what the treasuries are. Nice treasury examples too.
lynn, midnightcoiler

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Very nice, Sandie. Concise and informative. And again, thank you for choosing my Butter Rose ring, sweetie. :c)

Mermaid Treasures said...

Great post! Thanks for featuring my treasury!!

June Shin said...

Treasuries are so fun! There's some satisfaction in being there right when they open up.

Greetingfriends said...

Thanks for the info. I have to figure put how to put music on my blog!

Licia said...

Thanks :) I see me! Very nice hairsticks, I will have to look more closely when Etsy is done with their maintenance.