Sunday, November 16, 2008

Etsy Holiday Fest - SALE!!!!!

Artisans for the Holidays Sale

November 27 - December 1

Join us for a Black Friday to Cyber Monday extravaganza! Skip the long lines this year and try Christmas shopping the easy get some great one of a kind items that are all handmade. Visit and search using tag "thanksgiving sale" between Thursday November 27 and Monday December 1 to shop with special discounts only available during those 5 days. Each Etsy store will have their own sale terms, clearly marked in the "Shop Announcement" (in the gray box above the items they are selling). All store accept Paypal as payment, and many stores accept other payment methods, so it's hassle free!

Thanks to
heather knitz designs for organizing it!

Zaftig Delights will be participating in a huge site wide sale on Etsy from November 27th thru December 1st. If you've been eying some of my Zaftig goodies, there's no time like Black Friday to snap one up. I am currently tagging my sale items so you can do a little early window shopping, and plan what to buy.

Here is what
my sale will be. Shop throughout Zaftig Delights in any category. Pick out any three items that you would like to purchase, pay for the two higher priced items, and the third item is FREE!! My holiday gift to you! They don't call me "Sandie-Clause" for nothing!

Yes, I said the 3rd item is FREE. With the economy being what it is, the holidays can be a little tough, so remember when you shop with me on Etsy, buy 2 items and the 3rd item is free. (Free item is the lowest priced item.  Sale is good from November 27th thru December 1st only.)

Start warming up the credit cards, this will be a holiday to remember!

Happy Holidays!!!!


Miriam said...

Hey Zaftig! Thank you for becoming a follower of mine. I will certainly also follow you. Love your blog, very nice and love your products too. Will be checking out your etsy shop.

Silver Sachet

Barbra said...

Can anyone join? This sounds great and the sale ends on my birthday so hopefully I'll be going to the bank to deposit all my loot!!!